Soil Erosion Control, Enhanced Vegetation Establishment, Dust Suppression and Hydroseeding

We have developed a range of innovative products using sustainably sourced natural fibres, biochars and soil additives to address the challenges of soil erosion control, dust issues and vegetation establishment on difficult sites.

We apply these using our range of hydroseeders, including some of the largest available in the UK.

  • Advanced soil erosion control
  • Soil improvement and soil remediation of contaminated soils, depleted soils and engineered fill materials using hydroseeding
  • Enhanced vegetation establishment
  • Dust suppression services using a specialist formulation which binds fine particles

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Our hydroseeding service is extensive and we have a wide range of hydroseeders.

Dust suppression services are available.

Habitat management and removal of non native species.

Capture and store carbon through biochar.