About Us

Our Philosophy

The ethos of TerrAffix Soil Solutions Ltd® is not only to produce the highest quality accredited biochar based soil remediation solutions, but to be sustainable in every aspect of our business: sourcing local materials; our processing; supply chain and our partners.

We pride ourselves on the extensive research and analysis we undertake in support of our products and services.

Quality Assurance

We are thrilled to be the first UK company producing biochar to meet the exacting standards of the British Biochar Foundation’s (BBF) protocol: the Biochar Quality Mandate (BQM).

Biochar Foundation

Our Commitments

  • All of our biochars are produced within the UK
  • We only use sustainably sourced, local materials in our processes
  • We do not import any materials, charcoals or otherwise
  • We do not produce any atmospheric or ground pollution in our processes
  • We guarantee 100% traceability of our product from source to sink
  • We do not utilise any industry waste materials as feedstocks for our biochar

We engineer our biochars to meet a broad range of applications from our selection of feedstocks for specific purposes and formulations of materials.

All of our biochar is manufactured using fast pyrolysis equipment. From woodchip to biochar takes only 90 seconds. What is great about our process is that our biochar is created using very little energy despite the high temperatures involved. In fact, we actually generate energy. So much energy is released that we are able to reuse this latent heat energy in our other processes – so nothing gets wasted.

biochar life cycle

We work in partnership with Salix River and Wetland Services, Salix is the sole distributor of TerrAffix Soil Solutions Ltd® products in the UK.
TerrAffix products can be applied with their specially developed spray on erosion control blanket.