Carbon Sequestration

TerrAffix Soil Solutions Ltd® products not only provide exceptional benefits to soils and in establishing vegetation, they also sequester CO2 as fixed carbon and enhance the function of natural carbon sinks.


Building resilience within low carbon landscapes

The name TerrAffix (Terra – earth and Affix – to attach) was inspired by the ability of biochars (organic carbon) to sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide as fixed carbon into soil. For each tonne of TerrAffix fixed carbon added to the soil 3.66 tonnes of atmospheric CO2 is removed from the atmosphere for hundreds of years.

Construction and rail have an important part to play in reducing CO2 levels within their programmes by optimising opportunities to build soil organic carbon, establishing grasses, plants and trees, maintain rich and diverse functioning soil ecosystems throughout.

There are many opportunities within construction and rail to create carbon sinks as part of the design and landscaping approach. Vegetation will lock up carbon through photosynthesis.

Why is it important?

To limit the impact of climate change, atmospheric warming needs to be limited to a maximum 2oC rise and CO2 reduced to below 408.35ppm, to protect from changing weather patterns impacting on our ecosystems and social systems.

Carbon accounting and TerrAffix™ products

We can provide a carbon lock guarantee to all customers which can be accounted for in any carbon calculations on larger construction or rail projects. It can also be accounted for in any Corporate Social Responsibility reports.

We are able to supply information on the fixed carbon and refractory carbon content for each m2 of land treated with TerrAffix products.

An example

TerrAffix-Swale was used to create vegetation within 28km of swales on the Norwich Northern Distributor Road. On completion, the client company had treated 120,000m2 of swales and removed 6.6 tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere.