Peat Free Statement

TerrAffix’s Soil Solutions are committed to the conservation of natural soil materials and as such use no peat within any of their products.

Peat is a vulnerable and finite resource, an upland bog will take thousands of years to form. Areas of peat must be protected from disturbance to prevent oxidisation and the release of greenhouse gasses. As peatland dries it becomes highly erodible which has an impact on habitats and the ability of river catchments to store water and soil carbon.

The UK has 13% of the world’s blanket bog which stores over three billion tonnes of carbon, around the same amount as all the forest in the UK, France and Germany put together. Bogs clean our drinking water to the value of about £1.5 billion and slow the flow reducing flooding downstream.

Our peatland soils are precious and we cannot afford to lose them.


Damaged peat bog

Our TerrAffix Biotic Soil system is a sustainable, peat free alternative to peat based hydroseeding products.


Did you know that we make a sustainable compost from bracken and sustainable, natural materials.

By making this compost we not only control a problem plant but also improve habitats for wildlife and people.

Facts and figures and more useful information from the IUCN Peatland Project

Healthy peat bog

Healthy peat bog