Hydroseeding through Erosion Blankets

Naturalisation of Flood Remediation Banks For Scour Protection & Bank Stabilisation

A solution for Hydroseeding through reinforced matting.

TerrAffix were asked to provide a solution for the vegetation of flood defence bunds and channel sides following the laying of 30,000m2 of reinforced coir blanket incorporating a double plastic net to prevent scouring.

The Erosion Control Blankets were laid to address poor soil stability on the site. The main aim of the client was to prevent scour and promote biodiversity and ecological resilience.

Further to an ecological survey we identified the most appropriate mixture of species, including, grasses and herbs appropriate for the ground conditions evident on-site.

The main areas of focus were

  • Preventing scour
  • Low organic matter
  • Poor soil stability
  • Erosion
  • Hydroseeding over Erosion Control Blankets

There were significant benefits to the client

  • Significant carbon saving
  • Financial savings
  • Quick application
  • Rapid vegetation establishment
  • Root stability in 6 months
  • No top soil brought on site, reducing risk and cost



TerrAffix-HydraMulch is a 100% natural hydraulically applied erosion control system for extreme slopes and embankments, land reclamation and rough or polluted ground.

We supply and apply all our products.

The recycled eco-fibre blend of TerrAffix-HydraMulch establishes germination and promotes vegetation growth for permanent erosion control far more quickly than standard hydroseeding or Rolled Erosion Control Products.

TerrAffix-HydraMulch can reduce topsoil depth and can remove the requirement for any topsoil at all if used in conjunction with TerrAffix-Hydrasoil over a suitable substrate.


TerrAffix-HydraSoil is a hydraulically applied first stage biotic soil media system for poor steeper roadside or heavily polluted mining slopes where site access is limited.

We supply and apply all our products.

It is a topsoil replacement system made from recycled fibres which rapidly establishes vegetation in order to prevent erosion.

TerrAffix systems also prevent pollution from mobilising in soils and therefore mitigate against wider environmental pollution.