Hydroseeding steep embankments

Naturalisation of Flood Remediation Earth Banks For Scour Protection & Bank Stabilisation

Hydroseeding flood defence channels

TerrAffix were asked to seed an area prior to the installation of biodegradable Rolled Erosion Control Products (RECP).
A walk over ecological survey was undertaken prior to commencement, to identify the best species mix for the site, considering soil type, soil acidity and available plant nutrients.
The mulch applied was TerrAffix Hydramulch, to provide immediate stabilisation and prevent any movement of material in the event of a bad weather event.

The main areas of focus were

  • Preventing scour
  • Low organic matter
  • Poor soil stability
  • Erosion
  • Hydroseeding over Erosion Control Blankets

There were significant benefits to the client

  • Significant carbon saving
  • Financial savings
  • Quick application
  • Rapid vegetation establishment
  • Root stability in 6 months
  • No top soil brought on site, reducing risk and cost

Additions for Soil

As soils are site specific, TerrAffix Soil Solutions provide several additions that can further improve conditions for soil function and plant growth. For more complex sites we can provide bespoke solutions based on soil analysis to ensure that the best-fit solution for your site is achieved.

We provide additional products that support vegetation establishment, including fertiliser, slow-release inorganic nutrients, trace elements, inoculents and biochars:

  • Mycorrhizae – a biological addition that supports the plant to access inorganic nutrients from within the soil environment;
  • Liming agent – provides a source of calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate and micronutrients for use on sites with acidified soil;
  • Fertiliser – an organic, readily available source of NPK (8:4:2) derived from mycelial fungi;
  • Amended biochar – provides opportunities for nutrient exchange, water retention and microbiological activity;
  • Tackifier – a product for use on extreme slopes where additional temporary adhesion may be required.


TerrAffix-HydraMulch is a 100% natural hydraulically applied erosion control system for extreme slopes and embankments, land reclamation and rough or polluted ground.

We supply and apply all our products.

The recycled eco-fibre blend of TerrAffix-HydraMulch establishes germination and promotes vegetation growth for permanent erosion control far more quickly than standard hydroseeding or Rolled Erosion Control Products.

TerrAffix-HydraMulch can reduce topsoil depth and can remove the requirement for any topsoil at all if used in conjunction with TerrAffix-Hydrasoil over a suitable substrate.


TerrAffix-HydraSoil is a hydraulically applied first stage biotic soil media system for poor steeper roadside or heavily polluted mining slopes where site access is limited.

We supply and apply all our products.

It is a topsoil replacement system made from recycled fibres which rapidly establishes vegetation in order to prevent erosion.

TerrAffix systems also prevent pollution from mobilising in soils and therefore mitigate against wider environmental pollution.


TerrAffix-HydraBase is a hydroseeding mulch used for establishing vegetation in parks, gardens, golf courses, residential developments and other general applications on flat to gently sloping ground where good vegetation cover is required.

We supply and apply all our products.

TerrAffix-HydraBase is a hydraulically applied mix of fibres designed to quickly establish vegetation over existing top-soil.

The mixture of fibres creates a bonded matrix: protecting seeds prior to establishment and providing a microclimate to enable rapid germination.

The natural fibres in our TerrAffix-HydraBase product will gradually degrade and become part of the soil, providing additional organic matter.