Hydroseeding and Spray-on Erosion Control

Hydroseeded surface
Hydroseeding is the process of mixing seed in water with a carrier mulch and a sticking agent, suitable to use over the topsoil.

Spray on Erosion Control is the process of mixing a combination of materials to create an erosion control matt, which once on the surface, stabilises the ground and provides conditions for plant growth. This approach is suitable for unstable soils, sub-soils and steeply sloping ground.

TerrAffix Soil Solutions supply media for hydroseeding and spray-on erosion control (link) as well as offering contracting services.

Our range of equipment allows us to undertake small scale specialists works.

The Finn T120s are our largest hydroseeding machines; mounted on tracked dumpers these are real workhorses that can take the strain on big sites.

The T120s are suitable for large industrial sites, new housing, railway lines and anywhere which is needing rapid erosion control.

Hydroseeding kit mounted on a tracked dumper

Hydroseeding kit mounted on a tracked dumper

The T30 Hydroseeding unit is small, compact and demountable and is used from a trailer, tracked dumper or a 360-excavator. Its small tank makes it ideal for difficult to reach locations, isolated mine sites, green roofs, SUDS schemes and rail embankments.

It is ideally suited to mixing specific erosion control materials for complex sites.

The T30 is also available to hire further one of our team members will provide a short training session on safety and operation.

Finn T30 Hydroseeder

The T60 Hydroseeding unit is the largest UK road two versions available within the UK.

With this unit, we can apply from 250m2 per tank to 2000m2.

This unit is ideal for landslips, bankside soil stabilisation projects and mine sites.

The T75 Hydroseeding unit is a large, capable unit able to provide a coverage range from 400m2 per tank to 3000m2. This machine is ideal for larger projects such as road embankments, landfill capping projects, golf courses and other areas where large areas need treatment quickly and efficiently.

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