Invasive Non-Natives


TerrAffix Soil Solutions can provide solutions to invasive non-native plant species within the development and civil engineering sites.

We have extensive experience of the identification, planning, control and disposal of terrestrial and semi-aquatic species.

We can offer the following services:

• Identification of species – site survey and identification
• Preparation of a control plan to meet regulatory requirements
• Removal of species:
* Felling – Rhododendron, Laurel, Buddleia
* Excavation and disposal
* Screening, soil-sifting
* Mulching depending upon species

• Control physical/chemical
* Application of herbicide on land, adjacent-to and within the water
* Stem injection and stem treatment
* Stump treatment

• Disposal or conversion of waste biomass

Where suitable, we can minimise the total volume of waste biomass (woody biomass and rhizome) by thermal conversion into stable carbon.

Using this approach, total biomass can be reduced by 75% of the original volume, significantly reducing site disposal costs.