Hydroseeding Southerndowns’ golf course

Hydroseeding at Southerndown golf course
Hydroseeding at Southerndown golf course

TerrAffix Soil Solutions were invited by Richard Allen, CEO of Ecobunker (www. Ecobunker.co.uk) to trial some innovative products for the establishment of vegetation on steep, free-draining banks over sandy soil using our hydroseeding kit.

The golf course owners wanted to green up the slopes around the bunker edges and the reprofiled banks surrounding the carpark entrance.

The golf course’s proximity to the coast makes it a stunning venue for a game but it also means that the grounds are subjected to salty, windy and drying conditions. Such severe conditions make vegetation establishment difficult.

It was essential here to use a revegetation system which supports and protects the sown seed through the initial stages of growth while preventing soil loss or erosion.

TerrAffix-Hydrabase was applied using our bespoke hydroseeding equipment; we used a mix of native grasses recommended by Ecobunker to quickly establish a sward. We used a variety of additives in response to the particular ground conditions on the site, including a completely natural fertilizer, tackifier to prevent erosion and mycorrhizal fungi which support long term soil and plant health.

The vegetation quickly established itself within a few weeks of application.