What is hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is a process where you apply a mixture of seeds, fertiliser and other additives to ground which requires vegetating.

TerrAffix will create a unique mix which will deal with your soils specific requirements.

Hydroseeding, the advantages:

Hydroseeding has significant advantages over more traditional methods of revegetating land, this includes speed, access to difficult ground and success rates.

If the land is steep hydroseeding will still allow us to introduce the essential elements in our mix that will speed up the vegetation.

Hydroseeding is cost effective.

Unique Solution

TerrAffix has been developing solutions to erosion control and revegetation particularly for poor and polluted soils. The unique mix of additives helps plants access nutrients, allowing for rapid vegetation with very high success rates.


TerrAffix have researched a variety of applications for hydroseeding, including Mines, Rail, Roads, Verges, SuDS, embankments and more.