Hydroseeding Contracting

TerrAffix’s Contracting services

TerrAffix offers a range of hydroseeding services:

  • Site assessment
  • Soil testing
  • Growing trials

What is Hydroseeding?

Hydraulic seeding or hydroseeding is a quick method of establishing grasses, wild flowers and trees. You can find out more about hydroseeding here.

Why May You Need Hydroseeding?

Hydroseeding is useful in many scenarios where you need rapidly established vegetation:

  • Quickly established erosion control on slopes and embankments
  • Need for even coverage across rough terrain
  • The need for a quick growth in an amenity space
  • Large landscape works
  • Vegetating polluted ground in which plants are struggling to establish
  • In steeper situations where traditional plant/machinery would struggle such as railway embankments
  • Building sites
  • Housing developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Recreation fields
  • Revegetating golf courses
  • SUDs
  • Establishing meadows and wildflower areas
  • When erosion control blankets are too costly or impractical
Hydroseeder on a tracked dumper
Hydroseeder on a tracked dumper

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    Why TerrAffix?

    Our hydroseeding mix is a unique mix of products that suits your site’s conditions means you will quickly see results. Our mixes:

    • Boosts depleted soils with nutrients, minerals and trace elements
    • Are easy to handle and mix
    • Are environmentally sustainable
    • Improve drainage and soil aeration
    • Provide opportunities for thriving microbial populations
    • Reduce mobilisation and bioaccumulation of heavy metals within the vegetation
    • Are suitable for use on highly acidified soils
    • If biochar is used
    • Lock in carbon when biochar is used