TerrAffix – additions: for soil function and plant growth

From experience we know that the needs of vegetation establishment varies on each and every site. For more complex sites we are able to provide soil analysis to ensure that the best fit solution to your site is achieved.

As soils are site specific, TerrAffix Soil Solutions also provide several additions which can further improve conditions for soil function and plant growth.

We provide additional products which support vegetation establishment with sources organic nutrients, slow release inorganic nutrients and trace elements.

Mycorrhizae – is a biological addition which supports the plant to access inorganic nutrients from within the soil environment

Liming agent – provides a source of calcium carbonate, and micronutrients calcium phosphate for use on sites with acidified soil and providse a slow release of

Hydrofert – an organic, readily available source of NPK (8:4:2) derived from mycelial fungi

Amended biochars – provide sites for nutrient exchange, water retention and microbiological activity. Can be inoculated to accelerate soil biological activity.

Tackifer – A tackifer for use on extreme slopes where additional temporary adhesion may be required

Inorganic trace elements