Used for bank stabilisation and vegetation establishment and control on weak slopes comprising of poor soil, such as those found near roadsides.

This system transforms poor and reclaimed soil, whilst preventing erosion and landslips.

The soil additive improves the vegetation on verges, benefiting soil structure and encouraging healthy plants.

It can be used in combination with a proprietary hydroseeding material to successfully provide soil treatment for reclaimed soil areas, including slopes.

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TerrAffix applied on roadside verge

TerrAffix special system applied on roadside verge

This system has been specially formulated to solve environmental problems associated with verges:

  • Soil erosion on reclaimed areas including verges and recreation sites
  • Soils disturbed during construction
  • Land slippage weakening the overall structure of a slope
  • Verges created from aggregate sub-base or reclaimed soils unable to sustain vegetation cover
  • Little or poor vegetation cover on verges leading to poor drainage and the increased risk of flooding
  • Invasive plant species making it difficult to establish vegetation beneficial to a sustainable ecosystem
  • Neutral to alkaline soil requiring soil treatment


  • Boosts depleted soils with nutrients, minerals and trace elements
  • British Biochar Foundation Accredited
  • Easy to handle and mix
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Improves conditions for biological activity
  • Improves drainage and soil aeration
  • Promotes good structure by creating spaces within the soil
  • Provides opportunities for thriving microbial populations

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In Depth

The Verge system uses sustainably produced biochar to ensure that hydroseeding improves soil fertility, nutrient retention, stability and crop production in areas with poor or disturbed soils.

It also increases plants’ resistance to disease and can act as invasive species control.

Other benefits for industry include:

  • Affordability
    • The sustainable biochar used to produce this system is low cost and the product as a whole is substantially cheaper than traditionally expensive friable topsoil replacement or geocell products.
  • Efficacy
    • When used as a hydroseeding additive, it is demonstrably more effective than standard hydroseeding. Independent large-scale slope testing has shown it to be 99.6% effective in soil erosion prevention and to have faster vegetation establishment.
    • Drainage and soil oxygenation are drastically improved, with conditions for earthworm and microbiological activity encouraged.
  • Environmental sustainability
    • Improves the resilience of plants to pests and diseases, provides opportunities for thriving microbial populations and boosts depleted soils with nutrients, minerals and trace elements.
    • Particular seed mixes can be employed to control invasive species.
    • The natural environment is enhanced with the establishment of a “healthy, functioning ecosystem”.
    • There is a genuine and measurable carbon sequestration value, contributing to any calculated offset, which assists construction companies’ to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) goals.

This system is made from sustainably produced biochar which is amended to meet the needs of particular soil conditions.

It works in the following ways:

  • It is used as a hydroseeding additive and can be applied directly onto aggregate, reclaimed soil or similar areas of little or poor soil to establish vegetation on road verges, slopes and reclaimed grassy areas.
  • It is amended with materials to increase its ability to create chemical and charged bonds within disaggregated soils.
  • It is amended with naturally occurring nutrients and minerals.
  • It provides long-term access to minerals and plant nutrients during the establishment, early stages of growth and maturity of vegetation.
  • Soil structure is promoted and spaces within the soil are created, leading to improved soil aeration.
  • Water retention within the root zone of growing plants is enabled.
  • Once it has successfully encouraged vegetation establishment, the plants increase the roughness of the slope’s profile. Moisture is able to ingress, thus improving vegetation growth and sustaining a functioning ecosystem. Water filtration properties improve, limiting flood events.

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