Suitable for treating soils across the pH range and different soil types to ensure the long-term health of plants. Highly recommended for the establishment of grasses and herbaceous plants.

TerraRhizae is a blend of endomycorrhizal fungae containing more than 222,000 spore propagules per kilogramme.

Mycorrhizal fungae create a symbiotic relationship between plant roots and the soil environment, increasing water and nutrient uptake whilst the plant provides the mycorrhizae with carbohydrates.

Mycorrhizae are important for the long-term health of plants, being able to convert inorganic minerals such as phosphate into plant-available forms and thereby accessing nutrients that are inaccessible to plant roots.

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Applying HydraCX in August 2010 TerraRhizae Fully Vegetated embankment
Hydroseeding a railway embankment with a mix including TerraRhizae
  • Suitable for treating soils across the pH range and different soil types
  • Ideal for encouraging grass and herbaceous growth
  • Ideally used in combination with TerrAffix products
  • Can be used as a stand alone addition to supplement the hydroseeding treatment


  • Assists in the conversion of inorganic nutrients to plant available forms
  • Boosts nutrient availability within the soil
  • Can be deployed widely within a range of hydroseeding applications
  • Easy to handle and mix
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • Promotes biological activity and associations within the soil
  • Suitable for soils where undesirable mycorrhizae are dominant
  • Suitable for use on a range of soil types

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