Research and Development

TerrAffix has always had a history of being involved in Research and Development, our products have been created out of intensive research in collaboration with universities and students. We also work with other research institutes.

TerrAffix has worked over a period of ten years with Swansea University Geography Department and in particular the Biochar Research Team.   TerrAffix and its sister companies have sponsored four PhD research studentships, investigating the creation and deployment of biochar.  In addition, we have been supported by research through the Access to Masters programme, with over twenty student projects supported. 

Research Projects

Removing CO2 from the atmosphere using biochar

We are working with Nottingham University looking at the use of biochar in its role in removing CO2 from the atmosphere. It is essential that our future isn’t just carbon neutral but one where we remove CO2 from our atmosphere.

Dr Will Meredith, Assistant Professor in Fuel Science and Technology, said: “Chemical analysis will tell us how much of the carbon applied as biochar is actually locked away in the soil long-term, and how much goes back into the atmosphere as CO2. This will show how effective large-scale biochar deployment could be as a method of greenhouse gas removal.”

The use of Miscanthus as a bioenergy crop on contaminated land – MISCOMAR+

We are working with

  • Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas, Poland
  • Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia, Poland
  • University of Hohenheim, Germany
  • French National Institute for Agricultural Research, France
  • Gießereitechnik Kühn, Germany
  • University of Nottingham, UK
  • Imperial College of London, UK

The MISCOMAR+ project is looking at using contaminated land that is unsuitable for food production to grow bioenergy crops.

Biomass to Biochar for Farm Bioeconomy (BBFB)

Working on a European project investigating the efficacy of converting biomass such as soft rush into biochar

WAMM (Water & Abandoned Metal Mines) Programme

Working with the Coal Authority and Environment Agency we are investigating how to stabilise historic polluted mine waste materials.

Three C Project

Creating a circular Carbon Economy investigating biomass, biochar and biogas in waste and water economies