TerrAffix-HydraBase is a hydroseeding mulch used for establishing vegetation in parks, gardens, golf courses, residential developments and other general applications on flat to gently sloping ground where good vegetation cover is required.

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TerrAffix-HydraBase is a hydraulically applied mix of fibres designed to quickly establish vegetation over existing top-soil.

The mixture of fibres creates a bonded matrix: protecting seeds prior to establishment and providing a microclimate to enable rapid germination.

The natural fibres in our TerrAffix-HydraBase product will gradually degrade and become part of the soil, providing additional organic matter.


Verdant green grass, amenity grass


  • Building sites
  • Housing developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Recreation fields
  • Golf courses

and any other amenity sites.

How it Works

TerrAffix-HydraBase is a high-performance spray on vegetation establishment product made from biotic soil media and natural fibres.

It works in the following ways:

    • It is hydraulically applied
    • It is applied with standard hydroseeding equipment
    • Materials are easy to handle and mix


  • Low cost solution for rapid vegetation establishment
  • Quickly establishes grass sward
  • Can be used in combination with our other complimentary products, such as mycorrhizae, nutrients, or biochar (subject to the soil conditions required for plant growth)

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