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TerrAffix-HydraBuild is a 100% natural, hydraulically applied, single application erosion control and vegetation establishment product for slopes and embankments.

TerrAffix-HydraBuild is a composite between the HydraSoil and HydraMulch. The product consists of blended natural fibres to provide erosion control with the advantage of an organic soil component, assisting successful germination on poor to moderate soils.

The recycled eco-fibre blend of TerrAffix-HydraBuild establishes germination and promotes vegetation growth for permanent erosion control far more quickly than standard hydroseeding media or Rolled Erosion Control products.




  • Single application
  • Effective on steep slopes
  • Effective immediately on application
  • Provides a combined organic matter treatment for the root-zone
  • Creates a microclimate for establishing the seed
  • Retains nutrients where they are required by the plant

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