TerrAffix-HydraSoil is a hydraulically applied first stage biotic soil media system for poor steeper roadside or heavily polluted mining slopes where site access is limited.

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It is a topsoil replacement system made from recycled fibres which rapidly establishes vegetation in order to prevent erosion.

TerrAffix systems also prevent pollution from mobilising in soils and therefore mitigate against wider environmental pollution.




TerrAffix-HydraSoil has been specially formulated to solve environmental problems associated with very steep slopes or mine sites:

  • Provides a layer of advanced growing medium that kick starts vegetation establishment and soil development
  • Effective on slopes > 1H:1V
  • Effective immediately
  • Fast growth establishment within a mulch matrix that improves temperature and moisture
    increased water holding capacity means the seedbed is nurtured and growth accelerated
  • Can be used under erosion control blankets, for top filling Turf Reinforcement Mats (TRMs) or in conjunction with TerrAffix-HydraMulch for the ultimate high performance erosion control and vegetation establishment combination available in the European Market
  • Has significant amount of sequested carbon so enhances project sustainability
  • Contains no plastic bonding fibres like leading biotic soil media and hydroseeding mulch that are produced in the USA

How it Works

TerrAffix-HydraSoil is a high performance spray on erosion control and vegetation establishment product made from recycled biotic soil media.
It works in the following ways:

  • It is hydraulically applied so there is no need to import topsoil
  • It is applied with standard hydroseeding equipment and is very simple to handle and mix
  • It is manufactured from a proprietary blend of:
    • Recycled natural fibres
    • Mycorrhizae
    • Growth stimulants
    • Micronutrients
    • Biochars
  • The biotic soil media accelerate vegetation establishment on very poor quality soils, substrates and aggregates.
  • Low organic matter, low nutrient levels, low moisture holding capacity and limited biological activity are alleviated by TerrAffix-HydraSoil


TerrAffix-HydraSoil’s zero soil vegetation establishment and pollution prevention product boosts depleted soils with nutrients, minerals and trace elements sustainably and cost-effectively.

Other benefits for industry include:


  • One full load of TerrAffix-HydraSoil’s biotic soil media is equivalent to 270 truck loads of imported topsoil with an application depth of 150mm.
  • TerrAffix-HydraSoil is significantly less expensive than erosion control blankets.
  • Far less soil or slope preparation is required than for other erosion control solutions.


  • TerrAffix-HydraSoil provides erosion control and pollution protection for up to two years.
  • It is effective immediately.
  • Exceptionally fast vegetation establishment and increased water retention capacity nurtures the seedbed, accelerating growth.
  • Easy to handle, mix and apply using hydroseeding equipment.
  • There is no risk of tenting, unlike with erosion control blankets.

Environmental Sustainability

  • TerrAffix systems prevent pollution from mobilising in soils so that wider environmental pollution is prevented.
  • Importing topsoil has a high CO2 footprint and requires heavy machinery to transport and install it, especially on slopes.
  • TerrAffix-HydraSoil significantly decreases the need for machinery.
  • TerrAffix-HydraSoil’s zero soil system means there is no risk of importing invasive non-native seed from other areas, unlike with the use of topsoil, which may contain undesirable seed species.
  • It has a significant amount of sequestered carbon, whereas importing soils results in releasing high levels of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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