Technical and Consultancy


Our technical consultancy services find the ideal solution for your site.

We provide a range of highly specialist services that will make your project a success.



  • Structural, chemical and biological analyses of site specific soils
  • Metal toxicity analysis and remediation options
  • Interpretation of analyses and identification of the most cost effective soil remediation solution for each site
  • Soil erosion risk and appropriate erosion control measures

Vegetation Selection:

  • Plant identification and seed mix matching for restoration projects
  • Specifications for vegetating structural fill materials without importing topsoil
  • Swale and green drainage channel specifications; selection of erosion control methods, soil improvements required and re-vegetation methods and species mixes to suit the soil/engineered fill channel and the flow velocities expected.

Biological Surveys:

  • Phase 1 and Phase 2 habitat surveys
  • Common Standards monitoring
  • SINC Site of Importance for Nature Conservation surveys
  • GIS modelling for habitats and ecosystem services
  • Invasive species identification (and control)